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GMAT Online Exam Updates

GMAT Online Exam | Updates

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GMAT Online Exam updates. Physical whiteboard is a great feature addition.
Makes GMAT Online Exam easier to take

Fresh from the mint! Here are key updates about the GMAT Online Exam. The GMAC introduced the GMAT online version as a temporary measure in April 2020 to help B school applicants take the GMAT during the lockdown. The two updates about the exam are

  1. Starting June 11, 2020 you will be allowed to use a physical white board as a scratch pad to do your calculations, make notes, jot down points, strike off answer options and what not.

    The board has to be a small one. Its dimension should not exceed 12 inches by 20 inches. One foot by one and half foot approximately.

    More details available at mba.com/exams/gmat-online/prepare-for-your-exam/whiteboard-options

  1. GMAC has extended the availability of the GMAT Online Exam to July 17, 2020. Initially, when GMAC announced this variant, the online version was available till June 20, 2020. You get an additional month to take the online variant.

A welcome relief to test takers

Physical White Board is a very welcome feature that could be a game changer in how you are able to solve questions in the GMAT Quant section and the IR section. It will be of great help even in the GMAT verbal section to strike off answer options.

The online white board feature still continues to be available and you could use it if you choose. Incidentally, it is not an either or scenario. You can use both types of white boards.

The online exam appears more attractive

Now, with this one feature addition, the online variant suddenly looks a lot more appealing. Look at the features that the online variant offers that is not available with the test center offering

  1. 24 by 7 appointment possibility. So, you are not limited to taking it at a few pre-determined hours of the day.
  2. You can send an unlimited number of score reports, at absolutely no cost to you (Note – you have to pay USD 35 for every additional score report if you take the test center variant – that alone could burn a big hole in your pocket if you apply to schools other than the ones to which you sent your free scores).

So, if you have done your prep and are scoring 10 to 20 points higher than your target score in the mocks, go for the online version – it is not going to last for long.

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