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Wizako's Online GMAT Preparation Courses - On-Demand Recorded Online Courses - GMAT Focus Pro for GMAT Math, Verbal, and Data Insights (DI) and GMAT Quant Core for GMAT Math will help you bag a score upward of 675 (95th percentile) in the GMAT Focus Edition. The GMAT Focus Pro online course covers all concepts and topics in all three sections of the GMAT viz., the GMAT Math, the GMAT verbal and the GMAT DI sections. The GMAT Quant Core online coaching covers all concepts tested in the GMAT Quant section. With these courses you get a GMAT test prep that improves not just your theoretical knowledge but also your ability to apply those concepts. Adequate practice to excel in the GMAT is provided in the online course.

Your 6-Steps to a 705+ Score

Study smarter, not harder - with Wizako GMAT Focus Pro Online Course. Play to your strengths, course correct to overcome weaknesses, think and approach questions strategically - saving time and effort in your GMAT preparation. As a GMAT Pro student, Wizako will enhance your GMAT Prep Journey through these high-impact steps.



The Pre-Preparation Diagnostic

GMAT Diagnostic Test

How should you prepare to get a 675+ GMAT score? The first step is a diagnostic test. If you know where you stand, you can chart a study plan together to that target score.

  1. Take the free Quant, Verbal, and Data Insights Diagnostics
  2. Use the analytics feature to understand your performance
  3. Together, let us identify strengths and weaknesses and customize a study plan



GMAT Quant: From 123 to Q85+

GMAT Quant Online Course Wizako

A strong foundation leads to towering structures - and scores. Learn from basics, watch video explanations, solve practice questions, and take graded topic-wise tests.

  1. Learn all relevant arithmetic and algebra concepts tested in the GMAT through 110+ bite-sized video lessons
  2. 1250+ questions with explanations to consolidate learning
  3. Check progress with about 40 checkpoint quizzes and 75+ chapter tests
  4. Revise theory and re-practice questions multiple times
  5. Get exam ready with 3 full-length quant section tests



GMAT Verbal: ABC of Critical Thinking

GMAT Verbal Online Course Wizako

The GMAT tests you on higher-order critical-thinking skills. The good news? A non-native English speaker can excel at these tested skills, especially if you are learning from the strategy-driven verbal lessons in Wizako's GMAT Pro Online Course.

  1. 88 concept videos for GMAT RC and CR
  2. Practice with nearly 150 realistic GMAT Verbal Questions with solutions
  3. Learn effective process-of-elimination for even seemingly close answer options
  4. Build your reading habit with our curated reading list to supplement your GMAT Verbal Prep



GMAT Data Insights: Charting Success

GMAT Data Insights

The newbie section of the test - old hands at Wizako help you ace the section. Build your data literacy, recalibrate GMAT Quant and GMAT Verbal skills and concepts and refine your test-taking approach to master GMAT Data Insights section.

  1. Learn how to interpret and solve data insights questions with dedicated video lessons for all 5 question types
  2. 60+ questions mimicking GMAT test format and questions
  3. Apply quant lessons in data sufficiency format through 20+ practice tests
  4. Strengthen Arithmetic, Algebraic, and Critical Reasoning skills with Data Insights practice



Curated Tests With Actionable Analytics

GMAT Practice Tests

Wizako's GMAT Pro Online Course includes question-, lesson-, and test-wise analytics for a targeted preparation. Advanced analytics allows you to determine where you need just a wee bit more practice and where you need to go back to basics.

  1. Practice 1250 test-like questions across all difficulty levels
  2. Align your progress to your target timeline and study plan
  3. Compare your performance with your peers
  4. Retake practice questions and tests to improve accuracy and time management



Doubts Cleared : anytime, anywhere

GMAT Doubt Clearing

The interactive discussion board tied to each individual lesson, video, or slide allows to pin your doubts to a specific part of the lesson and makes your learning effective.

  1. Get your doubts cleared by expert faculty
  2. Learn from a repository of common doubts that students tend to ask for the questions
  3. Quick turnaround time in answers allows you to smoothly progress to higher difficulty lessons

What is the Fees for the Online GMAT Courses?

About a tenth of Wizako's GMAT Preparation Online Courses for GMAT (Focus Pro as well as Focus Core), including a good part of the lesson videos, can be accessed for free. We have two courses viz., Core and Pro to choose from. Compare the features of the different plans and choose the one that suits your requirement the best.

Details GMAT Focus Pro (Quant + Verbal + DI) GMAT Focus Quant Core
GMAT Quant topics 17 17
Full Lectures 215 112
Checkpoint Quiz 39 Quizzes 39 Quizzes
Topic Tests 106 tests 76 tests
Full Length Quant Tests 3 3
Verbal & DI Lessons Yes No
Access Web and Android Web and Android
4-month Validity
Get Full Access Instantly
INR 8000 + GST (Best Value)
INR 4000 + GST
Sample 10% of Course Free Try for Free Try for Free

What's included and what's not?

A Lot That is Included

  • Unlimited access to the recorded On-Demand GMAT Online course for 4 months from the date of signup
  • Video lessons, slides, checkpoint quizzes, topic tests for GMAT Quant, Verbal, and Data Insights sections
  • Unlimited doubt clearing on our course content through the discussion board pinned to each lesson

And Some That is Not

  • The GMAT Official Guide
  • Clearing doubts in questions of other test prep companies
  • Full Length GMAT Mock Tests

Would you rather opt for a classroom program without the hassle of travelling?

What our students say about Wizako's Online GMAT Course?


Relief, delight and incredulity, in that order when I got my unofficial GMAT score report. The Wizako material covers the basic concepts comprehensively and this conceptual grasp is the crucial success differentiator.

Ganesh P

GMAT 740 (Q47, V45)


... I went from a 710 (After working on the Official Guide) to a 760 on the GMATprep practice software and I attribute that 50-point increase solely to Wizako.


GMAT 750 (MBA, Harvard)


I scored 770 (Q50,V44) - 99th percentile and that score would not have been possible but for the excellent coaching I got from Wizako. I personally wish to thank Mr Baskar,...

Maj Karthik

GMAT 770 (MBA, Stanford)


... but also have expertise in the art of teaching. Instructors excellence and experience speaks about their capabilities. All the above factors combined helped me increase my score from 680 to 730...


GMAT 730 (50 point increase)

So who teaches in Wizako's GMAT Online Course?

K S Baskar

Baskar is a mechanical engineer from College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai. Graduated in 1991. He has done his PGDM from IIM Calcutta. Graduated in 1994. Baskar has designed and taught most parts of Wizako's GMAT Prep Course. He has scored Q51 (97th percentile) in the GMAT.

Baskar has been a GMAT Maths tutor since 2000. We understand this exam and are passionate teachers.

Swetha Rajagopal

Swetha has scored 780 in the GMAT (Q50, V47). She has completed her MBA from the Marshall Business School, University of Southern California, USA.

Swetha has been a GMAT Verbal tutor since 2008.

Swetha teaches Verbal for the GMAT at Wizako.


We are saying we are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Why believe us?

Proof of the pudding is in the eating. Try a free diagnostic test and the free GMAT test prep quant topic tests, and the entire Statistics and Average chapter. Trial lessons are also available in the Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, and Data Insights courses. Experience intuitive teaching and rigorous testing on a user-friendly UI.
After you have tasted the sampler, sign up for the full course.

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A short video that will help you know the lay of the land. The video will walk you through the following points:

  1. How to sign up as a trial user for the Online GMAT Course?
  2. How to verify your email address to ensure continued access to the GMAT Online Course?
  3. How to get OTP to verify your mobile number?
  4. How to access the trial topic - Statistics and Averages in the Online GMAT Prep Course?
  5. How to take a free topic test? - an integral part of your GMAT test prep

Access your GMAT Prep Course also on an Android Phone

The entire GMAT Prep Course can be accessed on an Android phone using Wizako's GMAT Preparation App.

  1. The online GMAT Prep course syncs seamlessly between the Android app and the web version. So, start a lesson at home on a desktop and continue on the app while travelling to work.
  2. An user account can access the GMAT preparation online course on only one Android phone. If you change your handset, please send an email to and we will help you activate the account on the new handset.
  3. Wizako's Android app for GMAT Preparation Online DOES NOT work on ROOTED phones.

GMAT Prep Android App

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Important facts that you should know about Wizako's Online GMAT Preparation Course and the GMAT exam in general.

  • All
  • Wizako
  • GMAT
  • As a trial user of Wizako GMAT Online Course, you can check out a slice of every feature of the course. You can check out how the course is structured, how the concepts are taught, what the flow of one chapter is, take tests inside it, and experience around 15% of the course without paying a dime. And all it takes is 2 minutes of your time to create the account. And you do not have to provide payment details to check the course as a trial user. You can start the process here.

  • The Wizako Core course is specifically for students who know that their GMAT Verbal is in place and GMAT Quant is their only issue. We start from the basics of every topic and cover the entire GMAT Quant syllabus.

    The Wizako Pro course on the other hand also has the GMAT Verbal covered & will have a series of additional 700+ level test series and Full Length Quant Section Tests. These 250+ extra questions will help you reach the high percentiles.

  • Any number of times. There is no limit on the number of times you can watch and rewatch the videos inside Wizako's GMAT Online Course.

  • "Start with either the quant or the verbal section and then move to the other" can be answered in 3 parts.

    i. Bag One Section of the GMAT Exam First
    It is so much easier to gain ground when you focus all your time and energy at the start of your GMAT prep toward either the quant or the verbal section and bag one section before moving to the next. You will be able to correlate and make sense of seemingly disparate concepts with the level of focus that is essential to solve tougher questions. What is more, doing justice to both the quant and the verbal sections simultaneously can be an overload especially if you are working or are pursuing a full time degree while going through your GMAT prep.

    ii. Pick the Low Hanging Fruit
    Start with the section that is your area of strength. It is extremely important to see significant progress in your GMAT Preparation to stay motivated through the entire process. Many test takers, especially non-native English speakers, find starting with the quant section a wiser option.

    iii. Remove the Barrier to Start your GMAT Prep
    If you do not get financial assistance, the average investment required for MBA education in a good B school in the USA or Europe could be a 6-digit figure in dollar terms. Expenses toward Business School application process could be a 6-digit figure in INR terms. The fees for the GMAT exam and that for classroom GMAT Coaching could touch INR 100,000. And that is a deterrent when deciding whether to embark on the MBA journey.

    Wizako's Online GMAT Prep for GMAT Quant helps remove the barrier to start. At INR 4000, you get to start your GMAT preparation. Complete 50% of your GMAT preparation and then make further commitment with conviction. You can easily upgrade from our Core to Pro version and gain access to the verbal lessons and practice.

  • We accept Visa and Master cards issued in most parts of the world, UPI payments and net banking of select Indian banks. The payment gateway accepts international credit cards as well.

  • If you are a Wizako Quant Core or a Pro student, post your doubt(s) in the discussions board, which you can access from every question, slide, and video. One of our tutors will respond to you asap.

    If you are a student of the GMAT Live Online Course, you get to ask the tutor your questions even as they are teaching and get your doubts clarified.

  • Yes, there is no delay. You get access to everything immediately. If there is any issue, just call us at +919500048484 and we will get you access to the course instantly. We work from 11 AM to 7 PM IST, Mondays to Fridays.

  • Wizako's GMAT Online Course (Both Wizako Core and Wizako Pro) are valid fo 120 days.

  • Yes, you can extend your GMAT online course for another 120 days by paying 70% of the prevailing course fees. Please get in touch with our team at to get a payment link for the same.

  • Neither Wizako nor its parent company Ascent Education stores your credit card information. Your transaction is done over industry standard secure Internet connection.

  • Yes, drop an email to with your request and we will ping you back with a payment link to upgrade your course.

  • Yes, we have live online classes for GMAT preparation. These are 2-way interactive classes and cover everything required for your GMAT in one go. Check out Wizako's Live Online Course here.

  • There are north of 800 videos in the course, all of which you get access to upon payment. You can choose the order in which you complete the course. We also provide you with a suggested study plan.

  • Across difficulty levels from 550-level to 750+ level, Wizako's GMAT Online Course will have over 2500 questions. All questions have been provided with detailed explanatory answers.

  • If you have a doubt in a specific question or a concept, please post your query in the discussion board in the online learning portal.

    For all other aspects of the course or your GMAT preparation, all you have to do is drop a mail to and we will get back to you at the earliest.

  • Any mobile (Android or iOS) or desktop/laptop (Windows OS or Mac OS. Does NOT work on Linux OS) with an Internet connection on which you can watch YouTube videos will also support our platform and all its features.

    Here are a few points to note

    1. The GMAT Online Course can be accessed only using the latest version Google Chrome browser on Windows systems
    2. The GMAT Online Course can be accessed only using the latest version Safari browser on Mac OS systems
    3. You may also access the online course on our Android App on ONE mobile device. The device should not be a rooted phone. You can download the Android app from Google Play Store by clicking here
  • The difference between a good GMAT Preparation schedule and a poor one boils down to time management. We want 20 hours of your time every week dedicated toward GMAT, for a period of 3 to 5 months. With the comfort of preparing online, you can spend small nuggets of your day on your phone/laptop, coupled with focused preparation during weekday nights & weekends. To know more on how you should start, check out this video.

  • There's a quick 5 step process that starts with taking a diagnostic test to see where you stand, and takes you till you take mock tests and analyze them. You can read in depth about it here.

  • The GMAT Quant comprises Arithmetic and Elementary Algebra. The GMAT Verbal comprises Reading Comprehension and Critical Reasoning. The weightage for the different subsections are more or less the same. However, the amount of theory in each subsection, and as an extension, the amount of time you will spend on it will vary.

    Important chapters in the GMAT Quant Section include

    1. Number Properties
    2. Statistics and Average
    3. Inequalities
    4. Linear and Quadratic Equations

    Important question types within Critical Reasoning in the GMAT Verbal Section include

    1. Strengthen an argument
    2. Weaken an argument
    3. Assumption
    4. Evaluate the reasoning
  • There isn't a one-size-fits-all preparation plan for the GMAT exam. Having said that, preparing online for your GMAT has significant advantages.

    Within Online Preparation for the GMAT, you have two options. One is to subscribe to a recorded course. You have complete freedom over your preparation - anytime, anywhere, and at your pace. Ideally suited for someone who is structured and motivated.

    If you believe you are unsure to go it alone and will appreciated a guided tour, a GMAT Live Online Course will suit your learning needs the best. Apart from this, you can also go in for 1-on-1 tutoring (will cost 2x to 4x of what a group learning program will cost).

    If you ask us, the best way to start is to sign up as a trial user at Wizako. The only commitment you make is to yourself to complete the free content. If it meets your learning needs, unlock content behind paywall by paying the requisite fees. Start your GMAT journey today by clicking here.

  • Preparing for the GMAT is much like preparing for an 800m running race. You will prepare for such a race different from the way you will prepare for a 100m dash or a marathon.

    Relating the GMAT prep to that analogy, a typical GMAT study plan to score upward of 700 in the GMAT exam will span 300 to 350 hours of focused preparation spread over a 3 to 5 month window.

    Irrespective of the time window, break your GMAT prep into 5 phases. Your GMAT preparation starts with taking a diagnostic test to assess where you stand. Step 2 is to finding your GMAT preparation mode and test prep partner. Based on your diagnostic and your estimate of your relative strength in the 3 sections, find the mix of scores in individual section that will get past the post. Phase 4 is when the actual preparation starts. We recommend starting with one section at a time. In the last phase, take mock exams, analyze, use the feedback from each mock test to fine tune your preparation.

    Read an indepth guide to building your GMAT Study Plan .

  • 42 tests - The magical number for life, the universe, and everything! Just kidding, there isn't a fixed number of that sort. It will take you anywhere between 5 and 8 mock tests to get to your maximum capability if you prepare properly and take the GMAT mock tests at the right times. This is a good benchmark to work with.

  • At the risk of stating the obvious, it is not how many mock tests you take, but how well you analyze and use the feedback mechanism that will result in score improvement in the GMAT.

    Focus your test analysis on 3 factors: Accuracy, Time taken, and Ironing out rough edges. But if you want to read about this a little more in depth, you can do so here.

  • A reassuring fact: If you have done justice to your GMAT preparation, you will be able to complete all questions in each of the sections of the GMAT exam with at least a couple of minutes to spare.

    Having said that, even the stalwarts of GMAT know that they may not be able to answer all questions in the GMAT. Knowing what questions usually trip you and not trying to solve a question that you have no clue about is the key to conserving time, energy, and morale in the exam.

  • The list could be endless. However, we have collated a list of 12 common mistakes that test takers make. If you also make those mistakes, it's time to clean up the act. If you do not make those, being aware of such mistakes will help you avoid those.

    Read the 12 Common Mistakes that GMAT Test Takers Make

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