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GMAT 2021 Announcements!

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Hello folks, over the past few days, GMAC has made a couple of key announcements regarding taking the GMAT in 2021, and later. Let us quickly break down what they are, and how does it affect you, as a GMAT test-taker.

GMAT 2021 General Updates

The fees for taking the GMAT in India has been increased from $250 to $275 (inclusive of GST).

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Online GMAT 2021 Updates

  1. You can now take the GMAT Online more than just twice, which was the limit till now. However, they’ll count towards your total GMAT attempts – 5 in a rolling 12-month period, and 8 in a lifetime.
  2. The Online GMAT exam comes with the option to send your score reports to only 5 schools for free. You have to avail this option within 48 hours of receiving your official online GMAT score. Those who took the online version of the test before Oct 20, 2021 could send scores to as many schools as they wanted, free of cost.
  3. Test-takers who took the online version of the GMAT exam before October 20, 2021 still have the option to send their scores to as many schools as they want for free, till January 31, 2022. After that date, they’ll also have to pay $35 per additional score report.

Get bite-sized updates in video form below or here.

1. Sending Score Reports to Schools

GMAT & MBA | 1 Mistake You May Be Making When Applying to B-Schools!

2. For those who took the Online GMAT before 20th October 2021

If you took the GMAT Online Exam before 20th October '21, you need to watch this.

3. Change in Number of Online GMAT Attempts & Free Score Reports

Here's what you need to know about the latest GMAT 2021 announcement by GMAC

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As ever, we wish you the best for your GMAT Prep.

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