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GMAT eligibility criteria

GMAT Eligibility Criteria

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GMAT Shots is a series that aims to provide answers to specific GMAT Questions in a detailed, yet, concise manner. The topic for this post is GMAT Eligibility Criteria.

“Am I eligible to write the GMAT?”

GMAC has kept the GMAT eligibility criteria very simple. You are eligible to write the GMAT if –

  • You’re over 13 years of age.
    • Yes, you don’t need to be an adult to write the GMAT. If any child prodigy wants to become a manager before she can legally drive, she can!
  • You have a valid passport.
    • For most countries, a passport is the only proof of identity the GMAC accepts.
      However, temporarily, for Indians, GMAC is also accepting the Aadhar Card as a valid proof of identity.
  • You haven’t written the GMAT any time in the previous 16 days.
    • If this isn’t your first time writing the GMAT, your previous attempt should’ve been at least 16 days before the next one.

Special Circumstances – GMAT Eligibility Exceptions

You will not be allowed to write the GMAT if GMAC has banned you from writing it.

These are the cases in which you may be banned –

  • Violation of the Non-Disclosure Agreement
    • If you have disclosed some questions or information about the GMAT and its questions that you were prohibited from doing, and have been caught by the GMAT, you’ll be banned from writing the GMAT.
  • Getting a perfect GMAT score – 805
    • If you have achieved a perfect GMAT score of 805 in an exam, you cannot write the exam for the next five years. This is because you cannot get a better score, and your 805 shall be valid for the next 5 years.

Being eligible to take the GMAT is one thing and acing the GMAT is a completely different thing. Irrespective of your background, a GMAT score of 655+ will open doors to many of the top business schools in the world. A dedicated effort of 300+ hours of preparation will translate into getting a 655+ score in the GMAT.

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This blog was originally a GMAT Shots Video on our YouTube channel.
You can check out the video format here or below –

GMAT Eligibility Criteria | Qualifications to take GMAT, Requirements to apply for GMAT | GMAT Shots

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