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GMAT Highest Score or Latest Score?

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GMAT Shots is a series that aims to provide answers to specific GMAT Questions in a detailed, yet, concise manner. The topic for this edition is GMAT Highest Score or Latest Score? Which score will a B-School consider?

“I’ve written the GMAT twice (or more). Will the B-schools consider my highest score or my latest one?

This is a question faced by several GMAT Test takers. The answer? It depends on the specific business school’s admission policy. Quite often, you will get an answer about how each school considers multiple scores if you write to them.

A long gap between the two attempts

If there’s a long gap between the two GMAT tests you’ve taken, say, more than 3-4 years, most schools will want to take the latest score. That’s because it gives them a better idea of your capabilities at the point you’re applying to them. Because of the time gap, the more recent score is what will give them a better idea of how you’ll cope with the rigours of academics in a highly competitive environment.

So, if your latest score is lower than your previous one, or lower than where you/the school want(s) it to be, we’d advise you to take the test once again, and submit that score to the schools you’re applying to.

A few months between the two attempts

However, if the two attempts are within a span of 3 to 6 months, schools are more inclined to consider the higher of the two scores.

What you definitely cannot do, is ask schools to consider your highest sectional scores across multiple GMATs.

If you have a Q50 & a V35 in one attempt, and a Q45 & V42 in another, you cannot ask them to consider the best of both worlds.

What if you find yourself in a predicament as described above? It clearly signals that you have the potential to score Q50 and V42 if you make a concerted third attempt at the GMAT. And it definitely will make a significant difference to how schools look at your candidacy.

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Wish you the best for your GMAT Prep, and your B-School Applications!

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