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Who is GMAT Quant Online Course for?

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Applying to business schools means facing the beast known as the GMAT. Suddenly, you’re channeling your inner Edvard Munch from “The Scream”. But scoring 675+ in the GMAT doesn’t have to be terrifying. It’s about finding the GMAT prep approach that gives you those ninja-level business school application skills. Choosing the best GMAT online course is a big decision, and it can all feel a tad overwhelming. We get it!

Wizako offers two killer online GMAT prep courses: GMAT Quant Core, which rocks quant like a champ, and GMAT Pro, the ultimate GMAT prep package. But how do you know which GMAT online course is the better fit for your prep journey?

Now, we could drone on about our GMAT prep programs, but let’s be honest, you want to hear it straight from the source—the folks who chose Wizako’s GMAT Quant Online Course and understand why. We hit up some students who chose GMAT Quant Core and surveyed them on why they went the quant-only route. Here’s their inside scoop:

1. “Honestly, I wasn’t sure if the whole GMAT thing was for me.”

Committing to an MBA is huge and takes time, money, and a whole lot of brainpower. Wizako’s GMAT Quant Core is the perfect online GMAT prep course for the “maybe, possibly, let’s just see about this” crowd. Our students told us that they picked GMAT Quant Core because they were not sure they wanted to deal with the GMAT to begin with. Some had been out of the academic game for a hot minute. For others, business school was a shiny new idea, and they were not ready to swan-dive in just yet.

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For many test-takers, taking the GMAT can feel like this intimidating blind date. Maybe you’ve heard horror stories, maybe you’re not sure if you’re even “in shape” for a marathon of complicated questions after years of spreadsheets and meetings. Wizako’s GMAT Online Course for Quant eases you into your GMAT preparation by

Easing Performance Anxiety: It’s like the casual coffee meet-up before the terrifying 5-course dinner date. Lower stakes, a chance to build some confidence, and see if there’s any potential without the pressure of committing completely right off the bat.

“A great experience so far, the learning curve is moving in a positive direction day by day.”

Saheli Maitra

2. “Math and I have a… complicated relationship.”

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Algebra, permutation combination, those GMAT word problems about trains leaving stations at different times – they can give anyone flashbacks. Let’s just say your last serious encounter with math was a bit… explosive. But here’s the thing: it’s rarely about being inherently “bad” at math. It’s about dust-covered skills and a rusty approach.

A lot of our GMAT online course students came looking for the best GMAT online course to alleviate their math fears.

They opted for the GMAT Quant Core course because with focused lessons and tons of practice questions, this GMAT online course lets you relearn those long-lost concepts and rebuild your quant confidence by

  • Rebuilding the Foundation: GMAT Quant Core recognizes that it’s about revisiting the fundamental concepts such as fractions, ratios, inequalities… all of which this online GMAT prep course breaks down into manageable chunks, focusing on understanding the ‘why’ and not just memorizing formulas.

Says Jerome about the GMAT Core course “must need for brushing up the basics and concepts for both people with math and non-math background”.

Jerome Fernando

Kashish echoes the sentiment and refers to the GMAT Quant Core Online as “Amazing for GMAT prep….right from the basics to high level questions!”

Kashish Parasar

It’s like easing into the pool before taking that big leap. You get a taste of our teaching, the difficulty level, and an honest assessment of your starting point. If you dig it (and we think you will), upgrading to GMAT Pro is a smooth transition. A WhatsApp message to us and our team can help you with upgrading to a pro subscription for the rest of your subscription period!

3. “I needed GMAT prep, but on a serious budget.”

Online GMAT prep courses can drain your bank account faster than you can say “compound interest.” Some students who chose GMAT Quant Core did not want to gamble with mega-expensive prep options. There were others who tried other expensive online programs, all those “guaranteed score boost” promises…and walked away feeling more confused than confident.

GMAT Core is the budget-friendly hero for students who need to ease into prep without a huge financial commitment.

As Saheli points out, Wizako’s GMAT Quant Core is “By far the best Quants course available at an affordable price!”.  It allows you to experience our teaching methods and killer content without breaking the bank.

The GMAT Quant Core by Wizako is the “Perfect to learn both foundations and advanced material necessary for succeeding on GMAT Quant. Amazing cost for the product.”

Sarah Hallahan

And remember, you can always upgrade to GMAT Pro – our comprehensive and best GMAT online course for all three sections – later!

4. “That guy on your YouTube channel is my quant hero!”

We’re not blushing, you’re blushing! Seriously though, if you’re a fan of our YouTube content, especially the quant lessons by K S Baskar, our founder and Q51 scoring GMAT genius, you are not the first to ask, “why not take it to the next level?”

Our students have flocked to our programs after becoming his fans on the YouTube channel. Don’t worry, we won’t let it get to his head (too much). 😉 But seriously, if you love Baskar’s teaching on YouTube, imagine what awaits in GMAT Quant Core! The online GMAT prep course has dedicated lessons and deep-dive explanations… It’s like having your own personal math sensei guiding you through the trickiest concepts.

GIF courtesy: giphy.com

Students who resonate with K S Baskar’s clear teaching style, and our approachable content form a bond. That bond translates into trust. And with that trust comes the motivation to work through the course meticulously, achieving your target Quant score.

We are not tooting our horn outrageously here.

“The name Bhaskar Sir is enough when anyone asks where I can learn Quant perfectly online”

Sagar Patil

Akshay Kumar summarized the entirety of his sentiments for the GMAT Quant Core course by Wizako with a simple yet powerful “Baskar sir my hero”.

Akshay Kumar

So, Should You Try GMAT Core? YesMaybeNo

  • YES if: You want to test the GMAT waters, you’re scared stiff of math, or you need a budget-friendly starting point.
  • MAYBE if: You’re already kind of good at math but want a refresher, or you learn really well from one specific teaching style.
  • NO if: You’re aiming for a top-tier score, your verbal skills also need serious work, or you want all the bells and whistles of a comprehensive GMAT course.

Remember, the GMAT journey is unique for everyone. There’s no shame in starting small, taking it one step at a time, and figuring out what works best for you.

Wanna Know More? Hit us up to dig deeper into GMAT Core and GMAT Pro. We’ll help you pick the path that gets you one step closer to acing that GMAT!

Or even better, try 10% of the course free as a trial user. Sign up here
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