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Classic GMAT or GMAT Focus Edition: Choosing Your Path to Success

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Hello, prospective business leaders and GMAT hopefuls! If you’re here, you’re probably facing a significant decision in your GMAT journey: Classic GMAT or the newer GMAT Focus Edition. Let’s delve into the details and help you make the right choice.

GMAT Classic Edition: A Nostalgic Farewell

The classic GMAT version has been a trusted companion to the MBA admission process for almost a decade. The Classic GMAT edition, a beloved fixture in the realm of GMAT prep, is about to bid adieu, officially retiring on January 31, 2024, which means that there are approximately 90 days from the time of publishing this blog. For some, it marks the end of an era; for others, it’s a welcome transition. For yet others, like Wizako’s verbal tutor Swetha, it is a bit of both – she is excited about the shorter test just as much as she proclaims she will miss teaching grammar.

I didn’t intend to commence this blog with a tinge of nostalgia, but sometimes, even academic topics evoke a trip down memory lane.

Classic vs. Focus: Making the Right Choice

Now, let’s tackle the pressing question: Classic GMAT or GMAT Focus Edition? Your decision primarily hinges on your strengths and priorities. Four key differences matter:

Sentence Correction: Classic GMAT includes Sentence Correction; Focus Edition does not.

Geometry: Classic GMAT features geometry in the quant section, whereas Focus Edition does not.

AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment): The essay section is part of the Classic edition; it’s absent in the Focus Edition, which solely comprises multiple-choice questions.

Integrated Reasoning (IR): IR was an outsider to the Classic edition, with its score not impacting your 800 score, but assumes equal importance in the Data Insights section of the Focus Edition, and is now part of the 805 score.

Choosing Classic or Focus – Three Questions to Ask

Sentence Correction Proficiency: If you excel at dissecting sentences, spotting misplaced modifiers with ease, and reveling in the nuances of language, the GMAT Classic Edition beckons. However, if you’ve been grappling with sentence correction questions, the GMAT Focus Edition might be your lifeline. Leverage your strengths and select the edition that complements your skills.

Geometry vs. Algebra: If algebra and arithmetic are more your forte than geometry, the Focus Edition steps in as your savior. We all possess unique strengths, and if spatial intelligence isn’t your strong suit, the Focus Edition offers a customized solution.

Integrated Reasoning Competence: Have you been struggling to achieve over 75% accuracy in the Integrated Reasoning section? If your response is affirmative, consider opting for the Classic Version before January 31, 2024. Why? Low IR accuracy affects your Data Insights score and your overall GMAT score. Moreover, IR questions are time-intensive. The stakes are high because you need to answer all parts of a question correctly to earn credit. If you believe IR isn’t your strong suit, it’s prudent to secure your GMAT score while IR remains an outsider.

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The Final Decision

The choice between Classic GMAT and the GMAT Focus Edition should align with your strengths, requirements, and objectives. Each edition presents distinct advantages, so take time to assess where your skills shine and where you need more support.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to your unique situation. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Choose wisely, and may your GMAT journey be filled with achievements.

Do you have any other factors to consider when choosing between the Classic and Focus Edition? Share your insights in the comments section, and let’s excel in the GMAT!

Wishing you the utmost success on your GMAT adventure!

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