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GMAT Shots | Minified Goodies

What are GMAT Shots?

GMAT shots are short videos, lasting no longer than 3 minutes. These videos could be on an update about the GMAT exam, a quant or verbal concept, or a question answering how the GMAT test is scored.

We have blog posts for each of these videos – each not exceeding 200 words in length. The idea is simple – get information about one focused concept in a 3-minute video or a 60-second read.

You can access these posts chronologically or based on the category that it belongs to.

Time you took a shot at it.

Latest Edition of GMAT Shots

    GMAT Shots | All about GMAT | GMAT FAQ

    • GMAT 2021 Announcements!
      Important GMAT 2021 Announcement. Updates include revised pricing for Indian GMAT Test-takers, Online GMAT Score Reports, and more!
    • GMAT Eligibility Criteria
      What is the eligibility criteria to take the GMAT exam? Really simple – 13 years old and have a valid passport to take the GMAT.

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