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Top MBA Universities in Canada | 25 Best B-Schools Canada

The best colleges for MBA in Canada is a list that boasts universities that regularly feature in the ‘Best Business Schools in the World’ List across multiple ranking sites. The following list intends to showcase the Top MBA in Canada and the different courses that they offer including MBA, Ph.D, Executive MBA, MBET, MIM, and MS.

The best business schools in Canada include Rotman, Ivey, Schulich, McGill, Sauder, among others. Canada has a number of major cities that offer a vast array of employment opportunities, and most B-schools in Canada are conveniently located in and around the hubs of Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, among others.

The full-time MBA program is the most popular management program in Canada, with Part-Time MBA, Executive MBA and PhDs in Management as alternatives or higher rungs of the ladder. Most of the best colleges in Canada accept GMAT and/or GRE for all their MBA/Doctoral programs.

  1. The University of Toronto – Rotman School Of Management

    The Rotman School of Management is consistently ranked as the best business school in Canada. Located near Toronto’s financial district, Rotman offers a holistic experience packaged in a 2-year Full-time MBA program. This top MBA in Canada is split into 16 months of academic study, and 4 months for a paid internship opportunity.

    Apart from their flagship 2-year MBA, the Rotman School of Management also offers a Morning and Evening MBA program, a 13-month Executive MBA program, an 18-month Global Executive MBA for Healthcare and the Life Sciences, and a PhD in management.

  2. Queen’s Smith School of Business

    Queen’s University, located in Ontario, is one of the oldest and is widely regarded as one of the best business schools in Canada. Its Smith School of Business prides itself on a unique pedagogy involving ‘Experiential Learning, Simulations and Case Studies.’ earning its name as one of the best colleges in Canada.

    Its flagship MBA is a 1-year program with the first six months spent learning business fundamentals and working on an Integrated Team project, and the next six months spent on electives and specializations. It offers Double-Degree options for those wanting to become experts in their domains.

    This top MBA in Canada also offers Executive MBAs available in multiple cities across Canada and a 16-month international EMBA which begets the candidate a degree from Queen and Cornell(One of the top business schools in the USA). It also offers a National MBA Program for Executives that will get you an MBA in Canada from any city. Designed for working professionals, the 16 month program is very flexible, enabling the students to study while they work. Finally, they also have a Doctoral program (Ph.D) in Management with a choice to concentrate in any one of 9 areas of specialization.

  3. Western University – Ivey Business School

    Ivey Business School, one of the best colleges in Canada for MBA, is located in London, Ontario, and is Western University’s Business and Management School. Ivey’s 1-year flagship MBA program is designed for people wanting to minimize opportunity cost, and for those who want to get back into the workforce quickly.

    Ivey also offers Executive MBA, Master of Management in Analytics, and MSc in Management options. Their PhD in Business Administration has an array of 11 disciplines to choose from, and is one of the most customizable programs in Canada.

  4. York University – Schulich School of Business

    The Schulich School of Business is York University’s Management School and is located in Toronto, Ontario. Schulich’s flagship MBA, one of the best MBA programs in Canada, is a very unique, very customizable program. A student can complete it in anywhere from 8-12 months, to 36-40 months, and can even switch between part-time or full-time if required.

    They also have Masters in Management, Executive MBA, International MBA, a Post-MBA Diploma in Management, and a PhD program.

  5. McGill University – Desautels Faculty of Management

    McGill University’s Business School, Desautels, is located in Montreal, Quebec, the francophone province of Canada. Desautels, one of the best business schools in Canada, has a 1-year or 2-year option - the difference in credits being an internship the student takes up.

    They also offer Executive MBA programs, and a PhD program with 8 contemporary disciplines including Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Operations Management to specialize in.

  6. UBC Sauder School of Business

    UBC Sauder's Robert H. Lee Graduate School is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. This top MBA in Canada is a 16-month program and is designed to cater to 4 distinct career tracks, post-MBA, and even offers a custom option, to mould one’s own MBA in Canada.

    Sauder, one of the best business schools in Canada also offers interesting alternatives in its Master of Business Analytics, and Bachelor+Master of Management courses, alongside its personalized Executive Education programs. With specializations such as MIS, Urban Land Economics, and more traditional options, its PhD program is one of the finest in Canada.

  7. HEC Montréal

    HEC Montreal is located in Montreal, Quebec and is one of the best business schools in this region in Canada. Its full-time MBA program is a 1-year program beginning in September, each year. It also has an MBA+ option, which helps students gain proficiency in French, starting a month before the program. This immersion helps the job prospects of non-Francophone students, considering English is a minority language in Quebec.

    HEC Montreal also offers an EMBA program, a very unique Arts Management program (MMIAM), and an MSc in Management with several specialization options. With 12 specializations, HEC Montreal is one of the best colleges in Canada to pursue one’s PhD aspirations.

  8. Alberta School of Business

    The Alberta School of Business, one of the best business schools in Canada is located in Edmonton, Alberta. With extremely small cohort sizes, this top MBA in Canada offers students a great chance to connect with their peers over the 20 months of the program.

    Apart from Part-Time and Executive MBA options, Alberta School of Business also offers the UAlberta Energy MBA, designed to meet the need of management talent in the burgeoning field of energy and natural resources making it one of the unique business schools in Canada. Admitting 10-15 PhD candidates each year, Alberta School of Business’s PhD program offers 5 broad specializations.

  9. Concordia University – John Molson School of Business

    John Molson School of Business, one of the best business schools in Canada, is located in Montreal, Quebec. This top MBA program in Canada runs for 16-24 months and can be taken part-time for a period of 3-4 years. Their program requires a minimum post-graduation full-time work experience of 2 years. Apart from their Executive MBA for working professionals, this top B-School in Canada also offers an MBA in Investment Management, designed for those who wish to obtain a CFA charter alongside their MBA.

    The MBA in Investment Management is a 3-year course, where each year corresponds with clearing a level of the CFA. They also have a PhD program offering specializations in the fields of Accountancy, Supply Chain and Business Technology Management, Finance, Management or Marketing.

  10. Ryerson University – Ted Rogers School of Management

    Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management is located in Toronto. Ted Rogers School of Management’s full-time MBA involves 7 semesters and a capstone project - students have a choice of completing a consulting project, an entrepreneurial project, or an international knowledge transfer / consulting project.

    Ted Rogers School of Management, a top MBA in Canada, also provides students the option of taking up an integrated MBA. Students can choose to also study Media Production or Sport Business alongside their MBA curriculum. Ted Rogers School of Management’s PhD program also offers diverse specializations, including the disciplines of Digital Enterprise and Social Media; Real Estate Studies; Retail and Consumer Services; and Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

  11. Simon Fraser University – Beedie School of Business

    Located in British Columbia, Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business has a 12-month full-time MBA in Canada that has a typical class size of 50. Ideal for professionals who are in the early-to-mid stage of their career, students deliver a report on their 4-months post-MBA, whether they chose a 4-month temporary position, entrepreneurial venture, or a full-time position.

    They also offer a Management of Tech. MBA, an EMBA and an MS Finance program. Beedie also has a PhD program, offering specialization in 8 disciplines.

  12. Haskayne School of Business – The University of Calgary

    University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business is located in Calgary, Alberta. Haskayne’s full-time MBA is a < 2-year program that offers 8 specializations for students to zero in on their desired career options. It also has Evening MBA, Accelerated MBA and EMBA variants.

    Though they have a PhD program with 9 specializations and cross-discipline specialization options, they also have a DBA program - Doctor of Business Administration.

  13. University of Waterloo

    The University of Waterloo is located in Waterloo, Ontario. Their Management School, Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business offers a very unique alternative to traditional MBA programs - the MBET. The Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology program is a 1-year program offered for people who want to get a graduate business degree while they build their venture. The curriculum includes 10 courses that correspond to the entrepreneurial process.

    CSEB also offers a Graduate Diploma in Business and Entrepreneurship. This program is offered part-time and in-person only. Students take one course per term, and it takes two or more years to complete.

  14. Université Laval

    U Laval is a university located in Quebec City, Quebec. Unlike traditional MBAs which offer a general curriculum in the first half of the program, and then offer a specialization, U Laval has several MBA programs which offer specialized study into fields like marketing, accounting, financial engineering, etc.


  15. University of Ottawa - Telfer School of Management

    Located in Canada’s capital, Telfer School of Management offers an MBA program spanning 2 years, focusing on the areas of business analytics, entrepreneurship and innovation, finance, management consulting, and public management.

    They also offer a 1-year accelerated version, an EMBA program, and a Master of Health Management program. Their PhD program typically spans 4 years, and offers the disciplines of Accounting and Control, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Health Systems, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources, and Strategy and Organization to specialize in.

  16. McMaster University – DeGroote School of Business

    Located in Hamilton, McMaster’s DeGroote School of Business offers a 20-month full-time MBA program. Recommended for applicants with less than 7 years of work experience, students can specialize in Accounting, Business Analytics, Finance, Health Services Management, Strategic Business Valuation, Marketing, or choose to pursue a general MBA.

    McMaster also offers an EMBA and an accelerated 8-month program. They also offer a PhD program which students are expected to attend full-time, except in the case of Health Management.

  17. Dalhousie University (Rowe School of Business)

    Dalhousie University’s Rowe School of Business is located in Halifax, Canada. Dalhousie offers a Blended/Online MBA program in Financial Services or Leadership designed for mid-career professionals. These programs can be completed in as little as two years or as many as seven.

    It’s flagship programme is its Corporate Residency MBA - a 22-month program that features a paid work term with one of their many employer partners across Canada. They also offer an MSc in Business.


  18. Brock University (Goodman School of business)

    Located in St. Catherines, Ontario, Brock University’s Goodman School of Business offers a full-time 1-2 year MBA program with 2 intakes - in January and September.

    They also allow students to exercise a Double-Degree option, and also study for degrees in Public Health (MPH), Management (MIM) or Science (MSc). They also have a GDBA program - Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

  19. Saint Mary's University (Sobey School of Business)

    The Sobey School of Business is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Their 16-month full-time program helps students prepare for careers in consulting, marketing, finance, or for starting an entrepreneurial venture of their own.

    Sobey’s offers PhD in the streams of Management, Accounting, and Finance.

  20. Wilfrid Laurier University (Lazaridis School of Business and Economics)

    The Lazaridis School of Business is located in Waterloo, Ontario. Their one-year full-time MBA in Canada consists of three terms. In the first term, all students go through a number of core courses. In the 2nd and 3rd terms, students can opt for electives from a host of domains.

    They also offer part-time MBAs and Double-degree programs on their Toronto campus. Their PhD program offers concentrations in 5 popular management fields.

  21. University of Victoria (Gustavson School of Business)

    The Peter B Gustavson School of Business is located in Victoria, British Columbia. At UVic, the full-time MBA lasts for 16 months. Courses are taught in six integrated blocks, typically consisting of 2-3 courses each. Towards the end of the program, students work on a Capstone Project - a real-world challenge brought to them by a real-world client.

    UVic also offers a Weekend MBA, a MiM program, and a Master of Global Business program. Their PhD program focuses on the areas of strategy, organizational behaviour, organizational theory, human resources and cross-cultural management, and business and sustainability, from an international perspective.

  22. Edwards School of Business (Saskatchewan)

    The Edwards School of Business in Saskatchewan has a 1-year full-time MBA that includes a Venture Management project towards the end of the program.

    Edwards also allows the option of pursuing a PharmD or Juris Doctor Degree with the MBA. They also have MS Finance and MS Marketing programs.


  23. University of Manitoba (Asper School of Business)

    The Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba has a 1-year full-time program and a variety of concentrations, ranging from functional to themed, and interdisciplinary. They have Fall and Winter intakes, and also deliver a BootCamp prior to the commencement of the program, to strengthen the foundations of all students.

    They also offer an MFin, an MSc in Management, and a Master of Supply Chain and Logistics Program. Their PhD program offers concentrations in Marketing, Business Administration, and Finance.

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