Wizako Reviews : Sricharan's Testimonial

"How it feels to be a pillar among a garden of vines!!"

Well.. thats exactly how I would describe Wizako(4GMAT) and its efforts to help students in competitve exams like GMAT. As any student I also picked up its classes for GMAT, used its materials and made use of its facilities to the max, but those don't sum up to anything compared to the very supportive and guiding role played by Baskar and Subhashree Ma'am.

Their materials helped me learn and practice a lot of tricks and also proved very useful, but I gained a lot by interacting with Baskar a lot and bugging him often with a lot of queries ;), if you are aspiring to learn the tricks of the trade.. get hold of Baskar!!..

I also took their professional help in guiding me with the gruelling essays that Universities ask students to write. Before I can say anything about that.. here are a few words from the Thunderbird University itself, complimenting on the essays, on accepting my application ..

"You did a great job of allowing us to get to know you! ... I want to thank you for sharing so much information about your past experiences and future hopes."

- Thunderbird

"Reading your application was most enjoyable. You did a great job of allowing us to get to know you! Thank you for reminding of the few things we can all do to do our individual part in decreasing pollution. It's good to review a list like that frequently -- to keep the problem uppermost in our minds, as well as to continually be aware of what we can do individually to lessen the effect. Thank you also for sending the explanation which covers what you were doing since you left HP. That is a very acceptable answer and was a sensible thing for you to do.

I want to thank you for sharing so much information about your past experiences and future hopes. You've presented a very credible and honest description of your journey "as you have worked through experiences in determining professional goals that will challenge your intellect and satisfy your desire to make a difference."

To get such a descriptive compliment of your application on getting accepted into a University, requires the divine intervention of people like Baskar and Subhashree Ma'am.

Apart from its course materials I would recommend Wizako for its excellent counselling and guiding methods. Cuz without that I would not have landed with an offer from Thunderbird with a 25% scholarship.

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