Review of Wizako Class by Major Karthik

GMAT 770, 99th percentile | Stanford MBA

At the outset, I wish to thank each and every staff of Wizako(4GMAT) for having helped me secure a good score in GMAT. I scored 770 (Q50,V44) - 99th percentile and that score would not have been possible but for the excellent coaching I got from Wizako. I personally wish to thank Mr Baskar, Mr Venkatesh and Mrs Subhari for guiding me to a great score. To begin with, I had very limited time for preparation. I enrolled for a 12 weekend course at Wizako classes but I had precisely 6 weeks for the final test as I had already booked by test dates before enrolment. Further, I had left formal mathematics since almost 11yrs and I was not very sure about how I would fare in a test like GMAT, which also happens to be taken by several supposedly very intelligent alumni of Harvard, Oxford, the IITs and other such top institutes. However, my doubts were put to rest slowly as I started attending the classes. The instructors at Wizako made even the most difficult questions appear very simple through their expertise and instructional abilities. The generous praises which I used to get from Subhasri Ma'am for giving out good explanations or answers in the class discussion, though at times made me very insecure as to what would happen if I don't live up to her expectations in the final test, actually propelled me to do even better and think out of the box. If anyone attends the maths classes by Mr Baskar and Mr Venkatesh, he/she would feel as if getting a good score in GMAT would be a cake walk, as the instructors have so many shortcut methods to solve a problem, which otherwise could not be solved in 2 minutes.

Apart from the teaching and guidance, I am grateful to Mr Baskar for helping me fast track my course. I had only six weeks for the test even though I had enrolled for a 12 weekend course. Mr Baskar put me on parallel courses in which I attended the two batches covering different topics on the same day - a 6hr class for each verbal and quant for 6 weekends, fast tracked from the normal 3hr classes for 12 weekends. This generous flexibility from Wizako suited my requirements and I was able to finish most part of the course content excepting sessions on AWA, within 6 weekends. Also, the frequent extra hours doubt clearing sessions after the class helped me a lot!

The Wizako training material is as comprehensive as it can get for getting a good score in the GMAT. I solved ALL questions (about more than 1000) from the advance math workbook and by the time I finished the workbook exercises I was so fluent in my thought process that in the final exam I finished the Quant section 8 minutes in advance inspite of getting stuck on my 29th question for 12 minutes. The verbal workbooks are full of Basic English grammar which as English speaking people we ought to know, but that which we had conveniently overlooked over a period of time, having got carried away by colloquialism. The verbal study material gives a near accurate direction for preparation from the basics.

Last but not the least, I would say that the teaching staff of Wizako and the training material is a gold mine. How good a miner a test candidate is, will almost always decide how better the score he or she gets. A smart working candidate with intelligence and gumption along with the fantastic training team of Wizako makes a winning combination on whom even Mr Warren Buffet might not think twice before putting his money on a final score of 750+!

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