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Journey from 620 to 720 in GMAT.

This may prove helpful for those who have struggled with Quant. Untypical of other Indians I have seen blog here and on other sites, I have traditionally been very strong at English and weak in Math/Quant. Sure enough, in my first attempt in August 2007 I scored a 620 (q36, v40). As you can see from the split, my quant score was pathetic.

I knew that if I continued to harbor my MBA dreams, my math skills and specifically GMAT quant skills needed to improve substantially. That said, I did no prep work whasoever upto January 2009.

For my quant prep, I needed to get back to the basics. Yet, I did not want to waste precious time revising basic concepts that would not be tested on the GMAT. That is where I found this Quant series (a set of 5 books) on a site called Wizako(4GMAT) in January this year.

I am not here to advertise on their behalf. All I will say is that the material in those 5 books - 2 topic wise books that cover the basics, 1 book containing DS speed tests and 1 containing PS tests - made me feel extremely confident leading up to the test.

I did not pay any attention to my verbal the second time around and that explains the static scaled score of 40! That said, with a total of 720 I am extremely pleased and the perfect 6 in the AWA was an icing on the cake.

My profile in brief. 27 year old India male (married). 5 years of management consulting experience; pathetic undergraduate scores (Eco, Delhi University). Am hoping my GMAT score and work experience help make up for my hopeless undergrad scores!

Any non IT/Engineering background Indian (or other National) struggling with Quant, I recommend checking the Wizako material on their site.

April 2009
From 620 (q36, V40) to 720 (q49, V40) AWA from 5 to 6!!

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