Wizako - Testimonial : Bhargavi

Bhargavi scored 690 in GMAT.

GMAT, one of the most dreaded exams among the MBA and MS aspirants, is no longer one such exam. There was a deep sigh of relief when I came out of the Pearson centre with a 690. Though not a very great score, it definitely made a lot of difference to me when compared with my previous score. I said it is no longer dreadful because we still have a few very good coaching centres such as Wizako(4GMAT), which boost your confidence and prepare you to face the long battle of GMAT.

The brilliant quant and verbal material that Wizako offers is no match with what is being offered by others. I gained a lot of confidence by working out the problems in the workbook and constantly pestering the real fundoo tutors at the centre. Thanks to Baskar and Shreyas who were instrumental in improving my quant. Special thanks to Subashree madam for verbal. I have gone through a lot of forums and books but never came across a robust methodology such as hers.

My special thanks to Shreyas, who constantly boosted my confidence every time I took Powerprep and Gprep (690, 690, 710 and 680). It makes a lot of difference when your tutors are genuinely interested in your performance and Wizako definitely has a brilliant set of tutors who produce many 700s (read 700 and above) everyday.

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