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Do I need Wizako's GMAT Live Online Course?

No half measures please. Many GMAT students do not realize their potential because they haven't gone all in. If you answer yes to a couple of these questions, Wizako's GMAT Live Online Classes are for you.

GMAT Study Plan

Balancing GMAT & Job

Is your work posing a challenge to find time for regular GMAT Prep? Scheduled classes ensure your GMAT prep does not slip through the cracks.

GMAT Preparation

Staying Focused

Do you take frequent breaks? Is studying for focused 60 minutes a rare feat? A tutor-led learning process will help you stay on course.

GMAT student

Peer-to-Peer learning

Back in school, did you ever learn from a classmate's question? 25 to 30 like-minded motivated peers will paddle together with you.

GMAT Mentor

You've got a Mentor

Have you ever hit the exam blues? Our mentors will help you navigate your GMAT journey through thick and thin

GMAT Live Online Reasons
GMAT Prep Strategy

Hitting Roadblocks

Have difficulty understanding basics? Feeling stuck frequently? With live class, get real-time help and coast through all tough concepts.

Interactive GMAT classes

Remote, not Faceless

Have you excelled when you got personal attention? Our tutors will clear your every single doubt. No getting lost in a crowd.

comprehensive GMAT Online Classes

Full Stack Prep

Are you looking for more than just a class? Includes pre-reading content for class and post-class assignments, quizzes, and tests.

GMAT Class Reminder

Reminders & Nudges

Have you ever missed an important meeting? With Wizako, rest assured you will get reminders and nudges everytime.

Batch Start Dates

Late Evenings IST
Convenient Timings

Choose the batch that fits your work / study schedule the best. Everything offered in both variants of GMAT Focus Live Online Classes are the same, except class timings.

GMAT Evening Batch

Evening Batch

July 20, 2024Sat - Sun - Thu
Aug 10, 2024Sat - Sun - Thu
  • Timing: 9 to 11:30 PM IST
  • Duration: 9 weeks
  • Ends: Sep 19, 2024
  • Ends: Oct 10, 2024
  • Fees: INR 30,000 + GST INR 23,000 + GST
  • Student Advisor: Mr.Subbiah
  • Mobile: +919500048484
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GMAT Focus Live Online: What is Included?

GMAT Live Online Classes

70+ Hours Live Classes

27 classes of 150+ minutes each covering GMAT Quant, GMAT Verbal, and GMAT Data Insights.
GMAT Tutors

GMAT 780 & Q51 Tutors

They've been there, done that. And they love teaching. Schedule a demo class now and experience interactive learning, first hand.

GMAT Recorded Online Course

Recorded Course

12-month complimentary access to Recorded GMAT Online Course. Pre-reading material, quizzes, tests, and doubt clarification. Web and App access.


Live Class Recordings

Missed a class? Want to revisit something? Access to live class recordings for 120 days from start date.


Telegram Group

A dedicated Telegram group to get doubts clarified, interact with peers, mentors, and tutors.

Our Tutors

Who Teaches Here?

K S Baskar

K S Baskar

Baskar is a mechanical engineer from College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai. Graduated in 1991. He has done his PGDM from IIM Calcutta. Graduated in 1994. Baskar has designed and taught most parts of Wizako's GMAT Prep Course. He has scored Q51 (97th percentile) in the GMAT.

Swetha Rajagopal

Swetha Rajagopal

Swetha has scored 780 in the GMAT (Q50, V47). She has completed her MBA from the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California, USA. Swetha has designed and taught most of the Verbal content in Wizako's GMAT Online Course.


Vishwajit K

Has trained thousands of students for various aptitude tests including GMAT and GRE. Was an HR Consultant, a Business Head and a Social Entrepreneur in his earlier life. An electrical engineer from NIT Nagpur, loves math and cooking. Tutor Since 2013.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Important facts that you should know about Wizako's GMAT Live Online Classes and the GMAT exam in general.

What is the difference between Wizako Live Online and prerecorded courses?

Wizako Live Online classes are conducted thrice a week on zoom and offer students the opportunity to work on the GMAT syllabus, one step at a time, as per a predetermined study plan and facilitated by Q51 and 780 scoring tutors. Our tutors can answer your questions and clear doubts as they pop up.

The Wizako prerecorded courses - GMAT Quant Core and GMAT Pro - are video lessons that allow students to prepare for the quant, DI, and verbal sections in their own time, as is convenient to them. The course is well structured with lesson videos, illustrative examples, practice questions, check point quizzes, and topic tests. Slidepacks complement the videos to help you recap quickly without having to watch the video again. There is no live interaction with our tutors, but we do have an active discussion board for clearing your doubts.

How long are the Wizako Live Online Classes?

Wizako live online classes are offered thrice a week for a total duration of 9 weeks. These classes cover the entire syllabus of the GMAT and are designed to discuss both the basics and advanced problems in a classroom setting.

What modes of payments do you accept for the GMAT Live Online Classes?

We accept Visa and Master cards issued in most parts of the world, UPI payments and net banking of select Indian banks. The payment gateway accepts international credit cards as well.

If you face any issues in completing the payment process, please call us or send a WhatsApp message to +919500048484.

How do I get my doubts clarified?

Just unmute and speak up! We encourage students to actively participate in a classroom discussion and get your doubts cleared right then and there. Feeling shy or cannot speak because of environmental factors? No problem, our tutors monitor the chat feature throughout the class. We also have regular doubt-clarifying sessions with our quant and verbal tutors where students can discuss doubts that you had outside of the classroom. And before I forget, we also have an active telegram group to facilitate peer learning and tutor interaction.

Will I get full access to the course immediately after paying?

Yes, there is no delay. You get access to the classes on the batch start date and to the online companion immediately after signing up. If there is any issue, just call us at +919500048484 and we will get you access to the course instantly. We work from 11 AM to 7 PM IST, Mondays to Fridays.

For how long is Wizako Live Online course valid?

Wizako's live online classes are for 9 weeks. Students are also given access to an online companion, for which they will access for 1 year. Finally, recordings of class sessions will be available for a duration of 120 days from the start date of the batch.

Do you store my credit card information while purchasing?

Neither Wizako nor its parent company Ascent Education stores your credit card information. Your transaction is done over industry standard secure Internet connection.

Is it possible to upgrade from the GMAT Quant core or GMAT Pro to the Live online classes?

Yes, if your subscription is live, we will be able to provide you with a prorated upgrade option. Drop an email to with your request and we will ping you back with a payment link to upgrade your course. You can also call us at +919500048484 and we will help you upgrade. We work from 11 AM to 7 PM IST, Mondays to Fridays.

How should I manage GMAT Preparation with a full time job?

The difference between a good GMAT Preparation schedule and a poor one boils down to time management. We want 20 hours of your time every week dedicated toward GMAT, for a period of 3 to 5 months. With the comfort of preparing online, you can spend small nuggets of your day on your phone/laptop, coupled with focused preparation during weekday nights & weekends. To know more on how you should start, check out this video.

For how long should I prepare for the GMAT exam?

There's a quick 5 step process that starts with taking a diagnostic test to see where you stand, and takes you till you take mock tests and analyze them. You can read in depth about it here

What are the most important GMAT topics to study?

The GMAT Quant comprises Arithmetic and Elementary Algebra. The GMAT Verbal comprises Reading Comprehension and Critical Reasoning. The weightage for the different subsections are more or less the same. However, the amount of theory in each subsection, and as an extension, the amount of time you will spend on it will vary.

Important chapters in the GMAT Quant Section include

  1. Number Properties
  2. Statistics and Average
  3. Inequalities
  4. Linear and Quadratic Equations

Important question types within Critical Reasoning in the GMAT Verbal Section include

  1. Strengthen an argument
  2. Weaken an argument
  3. Assumption
  4. Evaluate the reasoning

Prepare for Data Insights after completing some of the preparation for quant and verbal, especially arithmetic and statistics in quant and inference questions in reading comprehension. The important data Literacy skills to build will include interpreting data presented in

  1. Typical graphs such as line diagrams, bar diagrams, and pie charts
  2. Some atypical diagrams such as a flow chart, or decision tree
  3. Understanding tabular information
  4. Relating text and graphs together to understand the big picture
What is the best way to study for the GMAT exam?

There isn't a one-size-fits-all preparation plan for the GMAT exam. Having said that, preparing online for your GMAT has significant advantages.

Within Online Preparation for the GMAT, you have two options. One is to subscribe to a recorded course. You have complete freedom over your preparation - anytime, anywhere, and at your pace. Ideally suited for someone who is structured and motivated.

If you believe you are unsure to go it alone and will appreciate a guided tour, a GMAT Live Online Course will suit your learning needs the best. Apart from this, you can also go in for 1-on-1 tutoring (will cost 2x to 4x of what a group learning program will cost).

If you ask us, the best way to start is to register for a GMAT demo class at Wizako. The only commitment you make is to attend the class with full intent to crack the GMAT. If the pedagogy and methodology meet your learning needs, register for the upcoming batch and ace the GMAT. Start your GMAT journey today by clicking here.

How should I structure my GMAT study plan?

Preparing for the GMAT is much like preparing for an 800m running race. You will prepare for such a race different from the way you will prepare for a 100m dash or a marathon.

Relating the GMAT prep to that analogy, a typical GMAT study plan to score upward of 705 in the GMAT exam will span 300 to 350 hours of focused preparation spread over a 3 to 5 month window.

Irrespective of the time window, break your GMAT prep into 5 phases. Your GMAT preparation starts with taking a diagnostic test to assess where you stand. Step 2 is to finding your GMAT preparation mode and test prep partner. Based on your diagnostic and your estimate of your relative strength in the 3 sections, find the mix of scores in individual section that will get past the post. Phase 4 is when the actual preparation starts. In the last phase, take mock exams, analyze, use the feedback from each mock test, get assistance from your tutors and mentor to iron out rough edges and take the real exam.

Read an indepth guide to building your GMAT Study Plan .

How many practice tests should I take before the GMAT exam?

42 tests - The magical number for life, the universe, and everything! Just kidding, there isn't a fixed number of that sort. It will take you anywhere between 5 and 8 mock tests to get to your maximum capability if you prepare properly and take the GMAT mock tests at the right times. This is a good benchmark to work with.

How should I analyze my GMAT practice test results?

At the risk of stating the obvious, it is not how many mock tests you take, but how well you analyze and use the feedback mechanism that will result in score improvement in the GMAT.

Focus your test analysis on 3 factors: Accuracy, Time taken, and Ironing out rough edges. But if you want to read about this a little more in depth, you can do so here.

How should I improve my GMAT time management skills?

A reassuring fact: If you have done justice to your GMAT preparation, you will be able to complete all questions in each of the sections of the GMAT exam with at least a couple of minutes to spare.

Having said that, even the stalwarts of GMAT know that they may not be able to answer all questions in the GMAT. Knowing what questions usually trip you and not trying to solve a question that you have no clue about is the key to conserving time, energy, and morale in the exam.

What is the best way to approach GMAT quant questions?

By preparing for one conceptual topic at a time - learn from the basics and solve higher difficulty questions in one chapter, ironing out any doubts you have along the way, before you move on to the next one.

By grabbing a notepad and pen whenever you see a video of K S Baskar walking you through quant concepts - take notes in class, and actually attempt the example problems we walk you through. There is a world of difference between sitting passively and watching others solve a quant problem and actually solving it yourself alongside our Wizako tutors.

What is the best way to approach GMAT verbal questions?

The best place to start is always the start line! Many test takers who skip learning the basics of GMAT verbal struggle with improving their accuracy or time management beyond a point. Sure, reading is a life skill but reading comprehension does not have to take a lifetime to master.

Analyzing and understanding the foundation for the GMAT, including what question types are usually tested and what the corresponding strategies are, is a great place to start your preparation.

Focus on breaking down the questions to their structural elements and keep an error log to your progress. What's an error log, you ask? You can check out this video

How can I improve my GMAT Reading Comprehension skills?

By focusing more on comprehension than on reading. When people prepare for tests such as the GMAT, they tend to focus on reading speed rather than on enhancing their understanding of the information they are reading. And if we are a non-native English speaker, then the second reading speed waltzes into the picture, comprehension flies out the window!

We spend a significant portion of our lessons discussing reading strategies that will specifically help you enhance your comprehension while managing your time well and not reading a mile a minute.

Also check out our blog compiling interesting articles for you to practice your reading on.

What is the best way to approach GMAT Data Insights questions?

Two things to keep in mind - one, focus on improving data literacy skills and not just your quant skills. Questions based on graphs and charts are more about accurate interpretation of the information than about calculating percentages. Two, practice Data Insights after completing the majority of your preparation for quant and verbal sections. The Data Insights section is a confluence of the skills you will develop in quant and verbal and requires both your calculation and inferencing skills in equal measure.

What are the best GMAT test-taking strategies?

Oh, where do I begin! Figuring out the test-taking strategy that works best for you is like playing a chess game with other versions of yourself. In layman parlance, I mean that you must figure out your own strengths and weaknesses and play them to your advantage.

For example, you might determine that verbal is not your strong suit and that getting it out of the way at the beginning of the test allows you to relax and focus better on quant and data insights. Another test-taker might save verbal for the last because it is not their strong suit either and they would much rather wait to face their biggest demon.

Once you learn your concepts and improve your accuracy through extensive practice, you can flesh out the details of an ideal strategy best suited for you.

What are the common mistakes to avoid during the GMAT exam?

The list could be endless. However, we have collated a list of 12 common mistakes that test takers make. If you also make those mistakes, it's time to clean up the act. If you do not make those, being aware of such mistakes will help you avoid those.

Read the 12 Common Mistakes that GMAT Test Takers Make